Friday, August 15, 2008

Ben 10 Bounty Hunters starts this Monday

Clone wars movie

Hmmm I saw the movie about a week or so ago at work. At first i thought since the movie was animated and in 3d they'd do some over the top stuff that they couldn't do in the other movies. Boy was I wrong. Then I thought maybe they'd flush out the story a little more. Dang I was wrong again. This movie was worthless. Just something to cash in on star wars name. No cool fights, no cool battle scenes, nothing that made people say whooooooooa during the movie. Everybody seemed to leave just empty. I was looking for more and walked away with nothing. I'd just say wait until its on dvd or when Cartoon Network shows it on tv. Its not worth the money. Luckily I saw it for free and i still wanted my money back.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Ben 10 commercial starts airing today

Just to keep you guys updated the new Ben 10 bounty hunters game commercial for the game that I've been working on is airing on TV starting today. I'm posting it here also just for the lazy people that don't want to wait and see it on tv. There is a bigger spot on the webpage for the game.
Test Your Skills Against Other Players!
Choose an alien species and join your friends in real-time multiplayer battles. Play as teams or fight it out in a galactic free-for-all. Your actions can help decide the outcome of the war!

Battle on Distant Planets!
Fire up your jetpack and fly around huge alien worlds. Use the terrain to your advantage and capture your opponents!

Unleash Alien Technology!
Pick your favorite weapon and style of combat: power, speed, stealth, range. Discover awesome powerups that can turn the tide of battle!