Friday, August 26, 2005

Boombox days!

Enter the 1980s and with it, the height of the portable stereo craze-- walkmans were worn on the hip and boomboxes were held on the shoulder or positioned on a street corner for an impromptu breakdancing session. In fact, the terms "boomboxes" and ghetto blasters" were started during this period to describe the "noise" that emanated from portable stereo cassette recorders, though the sound quality on some rivalled that of home stereo systems. You'll see that as the decade progressed, these silver and chrome-laden beasts grew in size and in functionality. They became a status symbol of urban culture--the bigger, the more buttons and lights, the better.

Well i was pumping some old skool joints today on my itunes, Old slick rick, LL Cool J , X-clan, Soundtrack to Beat Street and it hit me damn i miss taking out my old cardboard box and going out with the boombox and doing the spyder and the worm with my old Micheal jackson jacket. Yeah i said it Micheal jackson jacket with the zippers and everything. All the true hip hop heads had one if you say you didnt you a damn lie!!!!! lol Well here is a quick sketch i did in like 5 min. what you think? I may clean it up and color it not sure.

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