Friday, December 16, 2005

More Sketchbook Pro Stuff

Today I got the new wacom that you can draw on the screen with and its sweet! No more having to scan in anything if i don't want to. Well i opened up sketchbook pro and had my way with it. hehehe! well here are two drawing i did today. Just got to get use to drawing without paper and pencil.


Lawrence Christmas said...

Tight! I gotta cop one of those joints yo.

Andre Moore said...

yeah man i love it. 3k a pop is alot but damn if it aint tight and saves time. No more ripping up 5 or 10 sheets of paper until im happry with what i got. lol

Jenny said...

No WAY! thats friggin awesome. If only I could do that addicted to doing it on paper.
the bottom one is unreal. they seriously look like pencilwork.

bottom line, i hate you. hehe.

leatherargento said...

I can so hear the blonde saying:

"Haaaayyyy!!! You are soooooo keeeewwwl!... Have I seeeen you before...? Weren't you in my physics class [closes left eye; really thinkingputs right hip out, into right hand, lightly scratches top lip with candy-pink squared-off silk-wrapped nail, tilts head to you and says] Oooooohhh-KAYY! Jusht uh minnit! You gotta promishh [falls off of one high heel for a second, laughs that silent drunk hafflaff that bottle blondes are so good at] tah buy mee uh JRINK layyyy-turrr, hunneeee! [tries for a tap on your shoulder to get her balance back, fails, hand meets metal bar waaaaay to your right instead]!!!"

She giggles again and you make good your escape, because she is never takin' "no" for an answer -- especially not from the barback...

Okay, maybe that's not what she's saying, but I grew up a vanilla-as-vanilla gets Jewish gal in the suburbs, and that's what girls who look like that are usually saying on Saturday night :-)

I like the dyed hair/forgotten-about brows -- and the Where Did Her Body Fat Go bones...:-D

Very accurate. I totally know her.