Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!!!!!

Because of its mysterious transmogrification from a caterpillar, the butterfly is a universal symbol for intense transformation, usually for the better. If the butterfly is in the egg stage, the coming change is still but an idea. In the larva stage, a decision needs to be made. In the cocoon stage, you are working to make your dreams a reality. An adult butterfly flying in the air indicates sharing, or the need to share, your ideas with the world. Happy New Year 2006!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Old throw Back

here is a pic i did last year that i found on my hard drive. Just thought i'd share it with the family!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


In the streets of Harlem, everyone is just trying to have a little fun, groove a little bit here, groove a little bit there...But now Sho'Nuff, the self proclaimed Shogun of Harlem wants to have total control, and with his amazing martial arts skills, who's going to stop him?, the police!? Yeah right, there's only one guy who stands between Sho and total supremacy, and that's Leroy Green the man who can catch bullets with his teeth, who is known by his fans as Bruce Leroy.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Today is a SLOW day for me again, but not for you lucky andre-nites out there that have been waiting like good slaves to see more of my evil deeds. Here are two quick ones i did today while joking around with my office mate and between checking emails and updating other stuff. The first one is a quick one i did of Usher. I don't think it looks like him but two people came by my office and yelled out is that Usher. LoL! I guess its the point on top of the head that gave it away. hehehe! The other is a pic of Fosters. I just finished on a game for that show so i was in that mode of drawing those characters.

Monday, December 19, 2005


Got a slow week this week. Not sure what I'm doing for the hoildays since I'm a member of the Broke Phi Broke club this month. The closing cost of the house took more then i thought and what i was told from day one. But anyway here is a new sketch i did in sketchbook PRO 2. just thought i'd keep it loose since i do so much of my art clean. A-Town out!

Friday, December 16, 2005

More Sketchbook Pro Stuff

Today I got the new wacom that you can draw on the screen with and its sweet! No more having to scan in anything if i don't want to. Well i opened up sketchbook pro and had my way with it. hehehe! well here are two drawing i did today. Just got to get use to drawing without paper and pencil.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

One by One

Well I love animation, well i love good animation. One short that I've been wanting to see is this Disney short that I heard about called One by One! I don't know why they didn't promote this short better. It was suppose to be on the new Fantasia 2006 DVD but Disney cut that DVD all together. So They stuck it on Lion King 2 which was dumb. Now I have to go rent Lion King 2 just so i can see this 6 min short.

Friday, December 09, 2005

gtactiks unite!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah I forgot! I'm part of a group of artist that are trying to take over the world with this art thing mane, called gtactiks. We have a blog thats just getting on its feet so check it out also. The link is over to the side. We got some talent and we trying to make some serious moves next year.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Venture Bros flash Game

I was lucky enough to work on one of my favorite shows Venture Bros. well let me reword that. I got to work on the flash game for a cartoon that i love which is Venture Bros. Here is some stills from the game thats coming out on I think this monday 12-12-05. I did all the character animation for the game and its a multiplayer game so look out for that next week. I sketched out everything and did clean ups in Adobe Illustrator and then into Flash MX.

Well the link to the game is
  • HERE
  • Friday, December 02, 2005

    Perfect Hair

    Awhile back I did a few designs for the Perfect hair cartoon and I never thought I'd ever see it again. Well the jokes on me lol! I had to work on the Perfect hair Forever game. Its not finished yet. The programmers are hacking away at it now. But here is a drawing i did for it. Except the Background i just added that for the post but he is riding his cloud from the show. Have a good weekend.

    New House

    Well I havnet posted much this week. I been really busy moving. I got my first house this past weekend. Not use to all this extra room I have now. lol! Its gonna take some time to fill it up with new junk but I'll get it full sometime.

    Here is a pic from the Hawks game I went to this week. Man the hawks suck bad and i mean really bad this year. Well at least i got to see Wade play for the first time live.