Friday, April 07, 2006

80's week Part 2

The 80's were and still are the best as far as cartoons go. Every station had a saturday morning cartoon block. Now i wake up and see car dealer shows and teen shows on like Raven. Blah! I need the good stuff. Here is a SHOW alot of people may not remember. Mighty Orbots. Wow this show was on my top 10. Look at the animation in the intro. Just great. They don't make stuff like this anymore thats for sure. Well anime thats as close as you gonna get.

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TMALO70 said...

Oh yeah... This was a great show... It was way ahead of it's time as far as I'm concerned... I was lucky enought o find a DVD of it at Wizard World last year... Saturday Mornings used to be the Shit... Man, I miss those days... Thanks for trip down memory lane...