Friday, May 12, 2006

Sketchbook Coming soon!!!!

I told myself I would publish a sketch book this year. Well here is a sketch that is going to be in it. Not sure how many pages I'm gonna put in it just yet since I'm just getting started on it. I want it to be mostly new stuff and not stuff thats been on my website for like the last 3 years. Tell me what you guys think of this so i can see what you guys like and don't like. Feed back gets me pumped to do some really good stuff for this book.


ivan said...

I'll be buying one or two of them when you're done. I love how loose your pencils are.

Rob Bodnar said...

Great blog! Put me down to buy one for sure. I like everything you do. I prefer rough sketches becuase I like to draw. Your an inspiring artist and designer.

Andre Moore said...

thanks Rob. I'm glad you like my work!