Sunday, July 23, 2006

Yeah yeah yeah

Here is a throw away I did a few days ago that I don't like. After i finished it I was like ok I don't like this at all. That's just the way it works out sometimes I guess. But i thought I'd post it anyway so you can peep it and let em know what you think.


GG said...

What's the supergirl's name? The pic is better than anything I could do. Maybe make her look evil and have her doing something with her hands. This reminds me, there is a cover what a sista (very healthy) who wants to be a superhero for the next Stan Lee comic book. Look at the cover of this weeks TV Week.

GG said...

This is the superhero that I was talking about.
She is featured on the July 23-29 Atlanta Journal/Constitution TV Week.

ice.Blue said...

i love how ur backgrounds are simple and leave the focus on the character yet they accent nicely. u hot.

Anonymous said...

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