Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I saw Open Season In 3D last weekend while I was in LA on IMAX. Its a very beautiful movie. Worth the money I spent thats for sure. The animation was great and I love the style of the characters. Well you can check out a little Interview from one of the artist on the movie over at cgsociety


Anonymous said...

Not for nothing, some of these cute-talking animal movies are getting tired
- How many pop-culture references were there?
- Does having Martin Lawerance and Ashton Kutcher doing voice-overs really make a difference? Note, Patrick Warburton has a great voice for animation.
- Was there even a story? Yes, I checked out the pedestrian, kid-safe plot.
- Between Sony, Dreamworks, Disney, Pixar, etc. will they consider attempting something originally bright and new in 2007?
Note, I had to throw Pixar in there for argument sakes.
- And with the exception of those great Pixar movies, will any of these big studios ever create anything excitingly new and maybe innovative? At this point, the technological innovations really doesn't mean crap, only adults in the industry give 2 cents.
. . . and not for nothing I've seen better 2D/CG shorts online. THERE'S SO MUCH MORE THAT CAN BE DONE WITH CG! Yes, I know it's a business, blah, blah, blah.

Ok, enough criticism. Here's a great idea. A 2D animation, in your style. It definitely won't work in CG because it would lose that unique personal touch.

I'm just bored at work, I was hoping there was going to be a new drawing of some stripper. LOL!!

Andre Moore said...

well maybe I'll do something of a stripper for you and post it. lol! Yeah i got something I'm gonna post tonight. I got super busy these past few days.

Vee said...

Nah, don't do it for me, DO YOU!! Get busy. I check the site from time to time.

Just a quick note, I appreciate the original pencil drawings. Like this older joint.