Sunday, December 17, 2006

I was talking toy talk with one of my co-workers on friday and it hit me as a kid I had this toy. Man I use to love this thing. Mr.T was the shizzznit back in the 80's. I just saw his new show he has the other night also. Mr. T doesn't wear all the gold anymore. WTF!!! LOL!!! Mr.T just ain't Mr.T without the gold. I'm gonna have to look on ebay and see if I can find one of these.


Edwin_tha_artist said...

I remember those. I used to have the small action figure version. Mr. T was the man back in the 80's.

Andre Moore said...

I think I still have the first issue of the Mr. T comic book. I may have to dig around my comics and see if I still have that thing.