Monday, March 31, 2008

Differences Animation short

From the director of "READ A BOOK", Tyree Dillihay presents "DIFFERENCES"...the first in a series of shorts where children from different races and cultures learn more about one a very innocent way.

This film was conceptualized over a year ago, but, after all the controversy READ A BOOK caused, I figured it'd be best I show people another side of my storytelling while still keeping it provocative.

If you like what you support by simply passing the link on and let's get more animated content out that actually makes people THINK.

Produced by Six Point Harness Studios

Stay Tuned for much more to come...


REE said...


man, I'm honored!!

Thank you so much for showing love and support!



gemini82 said...
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gemini82 said...

Now That Whats up. Nice to see animation promoting social change. It is the polar opposite of "READ A BOOK" in terms of how the message was delivered. I think a lot of people missed the real intent of the "READ A BOOK" short. Ok let me stop blabbering.

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Now back to your regularly scheduled comments

Andre Moore said...

No problem Ree. Glad to see brothas do it B.I.G

G1toons said...

really like and respect this, we need more cartoons with substance cant wait to see morejdfsdz

Assertive Wit said...

that was good and I am sure little kids understand this...much better than breeding ignorance!