Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ma$e Mixtape art

Awhile back I got contacted by someone on myspace that said they were Mases assistant and that he was working on a new mix-tape. This was back when Mase was suppose to be with G-unit i believe. And that they wanted me to do a cover for his mix-tape. Of course i didn't want to do it since rappers never want to pay. they think they should get it for free or a hook up. Well my wife was going crazy and telling me to do it. So I said i would do it. Well long story short I was working on it and i asked for half up front once they saw the sketches that I did and they said they liked them. Well ol lord asking for money turned into hell and they got all hot because I asked for half. Half was really cheap by the way. Just a few 100. and the other half after i finished and i would send over the files. Well i never heard back from them once i asked for my money. lol! Rappers suck and I'll never work with one again.


gemini82 said...
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gemini82 said...

Have them view your portfolio and then sign a contract and put in a kill clause.

Take them to court if they don't pay.

(Groupie moment)

I hate to see a rapper, who handles business correctly, not benefit from your work.

P.S. Does anybody else hate those Photoshop albums covers, with ten thousand effects.

John 'Roc' Upchurch said...

i'm wit you homie. Bone Crusher tried to get me the same way.

Idella said...

^_^ I still love stopping by here.

Andre Moore said...

Yo thanks for stopping by guys. Yeah John leave them rappers alone. They all broke anyway, just frontin like they got something. I told the Ma$e chick I bet he gets a advance on his stuff so why wouldn't he think someone else wouldn't. Glad you you came by Idella. I'm gonna try and post more stuff from now on about animation and art even if its not my own.

CA3 said...

I can't help, but feel disappointed by this. You've got some solid work, well worth the investment to use it on an album cover. I sometimes look at hip hop, rap albums, and promotional art from time to time, and it isn't just disappointingly poor in quality, it's obviously cheap. They're almost entirely done with freebie fonts, and photoshop filters, and what makes me sad about this is, I'm turned off from even thinking the contents of the album might be worth the few bucks I'm being asked for simply because the artwork connected to it is so cheap and tacky.

Sometimes a few bucks, even a few hundred bucks isn't expensive when you're looking to maintain an image intended to make sure your work remains appealing to it's audience.