Friday, February 20, 2009

Street Fighter 4 is Out

Well I did a post once before about Street fighter 4. Well the game came out this week and it looks great. Here is a pic i drew of one of my all time favorite characters from Street Fighter.

UPDATE about the movie. Found a few movie reviews:If at first you don't succeed ... fail, fail again. That must have been the mantra during filming of Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, staring Canadian sweetheart Kristin Kreuk. Can anyone even feign surprise that the latest Street Fighter flick is a train wreck? It isn't easy following up a classic, and by that we of course mean Street Fighter: The Movie, staring the Muscles from Brussels, Jean-Claude Van Damme. Yes, we said classic. It was one of the greatest unintentional comedies of our generation.

* "I much prefer the flamboyant badness of the '94 flick to the attractive, even-keeled mediocrity of this one. Jean-Claude Van Damme's stock just rose considerably."
* WJFK-FM (CBS Radio) (-5/5): "As a fan of the video game series, I can honestly say that this is hands down one of the worst films I have ever seen. Chris Klein is so bad that he made the movie a comedy."
* IGN Movies (1.5/5): "It may not be as gaudy or goofy as its predecessor, but it's far more boring and banal. It's a videogame adaptation that loses sight of what made the game popular to begin with: it was fun."


Assertive Wit said...

you know they are coming out with a movie about Chun Li!!!!

Andre Moore said...

Yeah I saw the trailer. Looks like its going to be epic trash lol! I'll bootleg it.

Assertive Wit said...

gasp! LOL I'm still going to see it LOL

Chris Harrison said...

Your picture does a lot more justice to Chun-Li than that movie ever will!--LOL

Brandon Gregory said...

That's what's up.

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