Friday, July 10, 2009

New Art store Up and running!

Mona Lisa artwork by drdre74. Available from

Just opened up my first art store.Even if you don't buy anything go to the site and vote for my design. I'll be putting a shirt version of this poster up this weekend or later today if I have time. If I have nay older art post that you like and would love to see as a poster or a shirt let me know but I'll mostly be doing newer art for the store and a few throwbacks. Hope everybody has a great weekend.


Insomniaq4 said...

you Andre this is awesome...Ima have to get in touch with you... I want to get a Munny and have someone th'ow some art on it

Andre Moore said...

I bought one awhile back and never painted anything on it. I need to get on top of thats since I've never done one and need to practice before I try and do one for someone else and mess it up lol!