Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Blind date!

Ever had one pf those blind dates that you just wish would end? Or someone would call your cell phone so you'd have a reason to get the hell outta there and run for cover. LOL! I had a few like that and i even had a few were the date went so wrong that you knew you'd never hear from this person again but at the end of the night they give you their number and ask you to call. Well I was chatting with my buddy Noel and he was telling me his dating story this past weekend so it hit the spot and I did this really quick. Not based on anyone I know. LoL!!!

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Pj3050 said...

went on one blind date and never agian. i told money as long as she was't bigger then me (i'm 5'9 260) it was cool. but she turned out to be a 6'3 ballon monster of a women with a mean attitude. usally ugly try to have a sense of humor or conversational skill to make up for it. after an hour i left without saying anything. still huants my nightmares. stay true.