Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ghetto Girl

Here is a quick sketch that I did today! Gotta keep it ghetto every once in awhile, lol!


GG said...

I showed your Black Wonder Woman and Ghetto Girl to a few co-workers. They loved it!
Question, how do you draw you drawings. What I mean is. Do you imagine what you want in your head and then put it on paper or do you have a photograph nearby and just draw your version of it? I'm a female computer techie who is an animator wannabe. I'd love to repair pcs and upkeep the lans at Cartoon Network. Sounds like a very nice job creating flash based games.

Andre Moore said...

Go to and look and see what jobs they have posted. They may have something up. They hire new people seems like every month or so. Alot of times when i draw stuff i'll just look at a bunch or photos of people and mitch and match. I may like the hair on one the eyes on another and the body shape of another and just do it that way until i get something i like.

topher said...