Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Spider-boy is here!

The first comic book i ever picked up was Spider-man. I don't remember which issue. I'M NOT THAT BIG OF A NERD! i just remember marvel use to reprint alot of the older spider-man comics and i would always get them form the drug store in my small town. I think they were 50 or 60 cent back then. I really got into spider-man, the cartoon the comics and the toys. Oh man the toys. I remember my mom bought me this spider-man toy that had a light that shined his logo on your wall. He didn't move much but i loved that thing. I'd jump all over the house thinking i was spider-man and whenever anyone came near me my spider sense would tingle and i 'd jump somewhere else. trying to climb walls was the best. lol man those where the good old days.

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Kanokadafi said...

HAHA I like this drawing man