Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Saturday Morning growing up was the one day I really looked forward to every-week. I'd get up to watch cartoons so early my moms would come downstairs and tell me to take my ass back to bed. Id get out my notebook paper and would draw the cartoons while it was on. Thats how i really got into the whole animation thing. Until this day if I'm watching cartoons I'd draw sketches of them while the show is playing. Well Woody woodpecker was my favorite of all times. Not the more common seen version but the crazy cross eyed version. I hated when they changed Woody Woodpecker! Damn you damn you all for changing Woody to that watered down version. Woody Woodpecker was a brash, high-strung woodpecker whose trademark was his staccato laugh, "ha-ha-ha-HA-ha". The character first appeared in the 1940 Andy Panda short, Knock Knock, voiced by Mel Blanc.


SACKS said...

Hey everyone! I'm conducting my first Throwback Thursday drawing contest. Draw your favorite Fat Albert pic and win a limited edition designer toy. Swing by the blog and check it out.

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