Thursday, November 02, 2006

Super Globetrotters

I use to love this cartoon. I just got a bunch of episodes from work which I have to watch.


TMALO70 said...

Wow... I used to watch this as a kid too... As goofy as it was, it was still fun too watch... Hey, do You remember another cartoon that went by the name Rickety-Rocket ??? I usually get one of those, "What the Hell Are You Talkin' About" looks... Are You watchin' these for kicks or work ???

Thanks For Sharin',


Andre Moore said...

Yeah Rickety rocket was gonna be my next cartoon I was gonna post about. I remember it somewhat. My friend Sax is the one that really hit me up about that cartoon.

SACKS said...

Rickety was the ish. Where did you find these pics. I smell a throwback brewin'