Thursday, August 02, 2007

I need my lost fix

Mane there is nothing on tv these days worth a damn. I miss Lost! During the week I have nothing to watch. Well to help me get over my tv withdraw i did this up.


Tony Fisher said...

Oh you didn't know man? Anything eye related that's worth a damn is coming out in theaters. Simpsons, Iron Man, friggin Transformers!
Its the summer of geek movies and I'm geeking out, Flamiel!

TMALO70 said...

Check out this New Show on the BBC, called Jeckyl... It's a modern continuation of the Jeckyl and Hyde Mythos... It started last night, and I Loved It... It's a little campy in that the English can be, but Good... I LOVE LOST too, so how Wrong can i be about Jeckyl???