Thursday, August 09, 2007

Tyme fo sum action!

When you get bored and you don't have your box 360 to play because the damn cheap thing got the red rings of death. lol! Ok i did this the other day (yesterday) at lunch. I need to dig up some old kung fu movies to watch. So if you have a list of must have Kung Fu movies hit me up and let me know what to try and get.


gemini82 said...

The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, Born invincible. Born Invincible is the best you gotta grab it.

Anonymous said...

try district 13, its a french movie based on free running.

or there is always the classic.


muchos good viewing.




Anonymous said...


TMALO70 said...

Nice Sketch... Is that Angela Mao Ying???

- 5 Deadly venoms

- Super Ninjas ( I know, sounds extra corny, but it's the shit...)

- Young Master

- Mad Monkey Kung-Fu

- PediCab Driver

I could on and on...


Anonymous said...

How about a cartoon of you?