Monday, November 19, 2007

Alien designs

What have I been doing, you ask? Well at work I'm working on a new Ben 10 game that is going to be a multiplayer game. So i think its going to allow up to 8 people to play at once. Its a shooter game and I had to design some new aliens to be in the game that you can play as. Well here are a few designs that I came up with. The first one I did they thought was too cartoony. But so is the show that I'm doing it for so that made no sense to me. But whatever, I came up with 3 more for them to choose from. They ended up picking the last one with the wanna be Spiderman mask that i came up with.


gemini82 said...

I'm really liking the middle design,the facial features seem to give him more personality. The last one reminds me to much of a power ranger.

I don't play to many games but I've gotta to check it out once its published.

Andre Moore said...

I'll post it up once they finish it and put it online. The game is taking forever to do.

Jamal O said...