Wednesday, November 28, 2007

G.I Joe art contest

My friend Sax is having a little G.I. Joe contest for all you fans + artist out there. this is what he has to say about the contest.
YO JOE! I'm back on the throwbacks with a vengance. As a kid I collected G.I.Joe figures and indulged in the 80's cartoon. One of the most remembered characters for me was Destro. Looking back now as an adult, he looks kinda pimpish, so I had to throw the Barroness in this pic. For the backdrop, I tried to replicate the toy packaging. I drew the characters on animation paper, scanned them in, then colored it all in photoshop. NOW IT"S YOUR TURN TO DRAW YOUR FAVORITE JOE! BETWEEN NOW AND THE END OF THE YEAR DRAW YOUR VERSION OF YOUR FAVORITE JOE ( or Joes) AND SUBMIT IT FOR A PRIZE! CONTEST DETAILS WILL BE POSTED SOON. START SKETCHING NOW BECAUSE "KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE!" You can get more info or check out more of his art over at his page. Just click the title to go to it.

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