Thursday, August 03, 2006

Artist of the week: C.F. Payne

One of my favorite Illustrators when I was in art school was the great C.F. Payne. His work always caught my eye and at one time I wanted to be a clone of this man lol.
also this new disney short looks pretty good also...

Walt Disney Pictures' latest animated short, The Little Matchgirl, based on Hans Christian Andersen's "The Little Girl with Matchsticks," marks the end of an era. It's the last of the shorts highlighting international music spawned by Fantasia/2000, preceded by two Oscar nominees, Destino and Lorenzo, as well as One-By-One. It's also the last of the works to utilize the Computer Animation Production System (CAPS), the first digital ink-and-paint, compositing and rendering program for traditionally animated projects, developed by The Walt Disney Co. and Pixar. Fittingly, the first use of CAPS was on an earlier Andersen adaptation, The Little Mermaid, the feature that sparked the previous renaissance at Disney.

Here are some still images and a quicktime movie of this short just click HERE


Anonymous said...


I, too, am a fan of Payne's work. While many might argue the subject matter of his Reader's Digest covers, there's a rumor that they are going ot begin selling some of these covers as posters. I know I'll buy a few, what about you?

illustrator of writing said...

Damn, Payne on my list now, nice selection of work there.