Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Juanita Sketch

I thought since I've never done a pic of my wife Juanita I'd better get on the ball and add one. Let me know what you think.


GG said...

Cute pic!
Have you ever gone to a professional printing place like Kinko's and had them make color posters out of your artwork? Have you ever thought about renting a booth at the Black Arts Festival in Atlanta? It's every two years in case you didn't know.

Andre Moore said...

I was going to make some prints and sell them off my site and never got around to it. I may still do it after i GET MY SKETCHBOOK published.

vee said...

This drawing is stronger than some of your most recent offerings. You were able to retain the energy that you have with your raw pencils.


And this one also:

The above was a better translation than the Kill Bill or the Angela Jolie piece.

Cool stuff though!

Cleigaie said...

Wow has your wife seen this? I'm sure that she loves it. Its great. She's a beautiful woman.