Friday, August 18, 2006

Bounty Girl Comics

Do you ever get bored and just type in your name in google to see if anyone posted anything about you? Well I did and found that someone posted some of my old online comics Bounty Girl. It was my first time writing a comic and drawing it and learning flash at the same time. It was fun to do back then. I think I did these back in like 2001 or something. I look at it now and I'm like uggh what was i thinking. I may do a new comic soon for online and see how it goes. Check out issues 0-5. I have half of part 6 done that never got put on line or finished that I may put in my sketchbook since no one has ever seen it.


aldrigo said...

MAN!! I forgot all about bounty girl. I use to love that chic. You should draw her in your current style. I bet that would rock eventhough I feel like your old stuff is still hot.


Andre Moore said...

i may have to break her out and redo her and see what comes out of it. I never touched her again since it belongs to camp chaos and I was freelance to do it for them even though i created it.

lou said...

she is great i was hoping someone still had her i still check the camp for her was the only reason i went there


Lou Bauer said...

still waiting