Monday, May 21, 2007

My lil Laila is growing up

The last few weeks Laila has decided that she wants to start getting up on her own and standing. She just begain crawling about 2 weeks ago also. so she's starting both at the same time. Noe she's all over the house. I have to go buy a few gates for the house to keep her from going to the stairs.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Some kids crawl for ages then make the jump to walking and some kids just suddenly get up one day and think crawling is for mugs, I'm going just walk and get it over with !! Then you have to be on your toes because they're into everything,she looks like a cute kid but I can see mischief all over that face :)

ESTEBANValdez said...

sup dude! yeah man, they just blast off in the early years - where the hell does the time go???


Andre Moore said...

Yeah she's turning into a little speed demon now. I'll put her in the bed and she'll wait until I think shes sleep and will just take off toward the edge of the bed like she's gonna jump off. I have to jump to catch her before she falls off.