Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Work work work...artbook still coming

Well as you can see I haven't posted much new art as of late. Sorry about that. My moms passed last month and now my granny is on life support with no brain activity at all. So i havent really had time or the heart to do anything new really. I am still working on my artbook. Just trying to find a good printer. Thinking of printing about 100 books at like 50 pages hardcover if I can get a good price. So if you know of any good printers that do that stuff let me know.


Vee said...

Sorry to hear that. The cycle of life comes with its joy and pain. She's on a better journey.

Good printers, don't know but you might want to check out Alberto Ruiz . . . and his company BrandStudio

Oh btw, the last post 5/29 "Quick Sketch" is one of your better sketches and colored pieces.


Bags said...

Sup man, thanks for dropping a line. Funny thing I was just browsing your blog the other day cool stuff man! Yeah feel free to link my blog, np, I'd link your aswell but I'm still pretty new to customizing the blogger options.

Thanks again and I'll keep up on your stuff